Pharmacy Mall Review: The Online Pharmacy Network Loved by Customers

Pharmacy Mall started as a local drugstore that branched out and attempted to reach more people by establishing a drugstore online. In an attempt to serve more people, their one online pharmacy became two and more after a few months. It only showed that with the trust they are earning from their customers, the network of e-pharmacies under Pharmacy Mall is expanding and growing. Pharmacy Mall is an example of a pharmacy network, different websites that bear the Pharmacy Mall logo but with different domain names. Pharmacy Mall network is a trusted network of e-pharmacies because of their reliability as shown in their years of experience as a drugstore.

For most online pharmacy networks, the main challenge is establishing a reputation. Online pharmacies are operating via the internet where scam and fraudulent activities are rampant. Scamming online pharmacies are now utilizing the internet to catch people’s attention and steal their information. This is the reason why before using an online pharmacy, make sure that it is a part of the Pharmacy Mall network and that it is a legit member of Pharmacy Mall group of online drugstores.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Customer reviews serve as an excellent marker for any store or service provider. Imagine offering a product that is being offered by more than hundreds of competitors. A customer’s word will not just serve as a personal mark; it also serves as a free advertisement for any e-store.

As for the network online pharmacies of Pharmacy Mall, a list of customer reviews is available and easily found.

Pharmacy Mall Testimonials
Pharmacy Mall Testimonials

The customers of Pharmacy Mall are from different parts of the world. Most of them are from Europe and in the US. One customer from France praised the helpful customer service he received while processing an order. The good thing about Pharmacy Mall online pharmacies is that you can call them if you need assistance. When Jacob was unable to process an order, he called and had his order processed by a support representative. His order was promptly processed and was delivered on time.

Another customer of Pharmacy Mall network appreciated the fact that he was receiving updates on his order’s whereabouts. He said he liked the company for their service and the selection of medicines they offer. This testimony echoes the same testimony from another customer who also appreciated the good quality of products offered by Pharmacy Mall network.

The last testimonial we found from a customer of Pharmacy Mall appreciated the quick and fast service of this online pharmacy team. It looks like most customers of this group are happy with the delivery time and how their orders are being handled.

Pharmacy Mall Online

There are several internet drugstores operating under the banner of Pharmacy Mall. These websites are identical in most ways such as web design, the products they are selling, the prices, policies and discounts offered. All e-stores under this network are offering genuine products and are not pretentious when it comes to pricing. What you see is what you will have to pay as they do not have any hidden charges.

Pharmacy Mall Website Design
Pharmacy Mall Website Design

Pharmacy Mall started its business as a local pharmacy in Canada. It began in the late 90s. In the early 2000s, they started mail order service. It means that they started accepting and processing orders via email. With the development of the internet and online shopping, Pharmacy Mall started establishing a network of e-pharmacies and selling affordable medicines online.

There is a wide range of medicines offered by Pharmacy Mall network hence it can be your one-stop shop e-store. The prices are also friendly as observed by most of its customers. They always offer discounts and promotions to keep it easier for their customers to make an order and continue their medications. The goal of Pharmacy Mall when it was starting was to provide affordable medication to their customers and they continued to honor this commitment with their online stores.

The first thing that you will see if you will visit a Pharmacy Mall website is their bestsellers. Because of its similar design and interface, all online pharmacies under this network have the same façade. On their homepage, you will see a list of their most popular products such as generic Viagra, generic Cialis, Zithromax, Zoloft, Xenical, and Cipro. Most of the medicines on their bestseller list are for erectile dysfunction treatment.

If you are not sure which medicine to purchase, you can check your medical condition, look for it under the category tab and look for medicines under it.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

People choose to purchase medicines online because it is cheaper. It allows them to save on their treatment cost. However, they can save more if they can find an online pharmacy that offers discounts and promotions. This is why most e-dispensaries offer discount codes.

Pharmacy Mall network has current offers such as free bonus pills on every purchase. If your order is above $200, you will also get free international shipping even without a coupon code.

Pharmacy Mall Deals
Pharmacy Mall Deals

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

For questions and issues or if you need assistance, you can contact Pharmacy Mall and its network of e-pharmacies via 4420-3239-7092 and 1-718-487-9792. Their support team is also reachable via their ‘contact us’ page. You can send your queries by filling out their form.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

With rampant scam and fraudulent activities online, most people are now afraid to try using online pharmacies. With Pharmacy Mall, this should not be an issue. Pharmacy Mall assures their customers that they only do legit business and they do not make spam phone calls nor send spam emails. The network of e-pharmacies under Pharmacy Mall are working hard on establishing their business as legit and reliable hence you can be assured that you are in good hands with this store.


Pharmacy Mall has been around for two decades. They have a legit physical pharmacy in Canada and their network of e-pharmacies has continuously been raking in good reviews from its users. They offer a wide range of medicines at a very affordable price as well. For these reasons, this network of e-pharmacies deserves a rating 5 out of 5.

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