Securetabs Review – A Network of Pharmacies Offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee

It is not uncommon for people to look for drug stores available online and end up noticing two websites which are in completely different domains or web addresses but looking 100% the same. For first time shoppers, this can be confusing. The pharmacy websites located on different domain addresses but having the same look are usually referred to as network pharmacy sites. These sites usually work under a single company. Their major goal is to capture a lot of people who are looking to buy meds. A good example of such a company is the Canadian Pharmacy Limited which has been operating the Securetabs pharmacy network since the year 2001.

By ensuring these sites have a simple look and are offering their medications at the cheapest possible price, the Canadian Pharmacy Limited has managed to grow their consumer base from 0 back in 2001 to over a million today in 2018. The sites are very legitimate. They have already been approved by CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and MIPA. Therefore, you should feel safe when you are shopping on any one of them as long as you loaded it using a genuine domain name. Note that there are sites sitting on scam domain names but look like the store we have indicated above. The major goal of these sites is to exploit users who are used to shopping on the Securetabs network sites. The scam sites can be avoided by not using random addresses.

Securetabs Reviews

To check the way the Securetabs network sites operate, we had to look at the reviews people had left behind for the pharmacy network. We found the pharmacy network reviews and they were all looking great. Here are some of them:

Securetabs User Testimonials

Judging by what the consumers are saying in their comments, everyone is happy. The pharmacy was offering the meds that Jessica needed at a price that she could afford. David ordered his erectile dysfunction meds all the way from Germany. The pills were shipped and they managed to reach him on time. The order was perfect and the pills worked great. He indicates that his wife is happy and thankful for the pills the pharmacy network delivered to him.

Michael confirms that there is no need to worry about medication prices. They are low in the Securetabs pharmacy network sites. He checked out several other online pharmacies before landing on one of the Securetabs network drugstore sites. He says that the network is great. The meds have a great quality. He has made four orders so far and he has always received them on time.

Securetabs Online

The Securetabs network sites offer their customers more than 27 drug categories. The good thing about having hundreds of drugs to sell is that you will always find something that can treat your medical issue. Another thing to note about the meds that the pharmacy network offers is that they are all approved by the FDA. This means that there are no controlled drugs, no narcotics, or drugs which may cause the user to become addicted. For these reasons, people are given a chance to obtain their meds from the pharmacy network without investing their time in getting a prescription script and then faxing it in.

The drug stores in the Securetabs are well organized. The meds are well prepared in sections. Therefore, if you know the health defect you are looking to treat but don’t know the name of the medication to use, all you have to do is check under your category that has your health problem name. For people who are aware of the medication name they would like to buy, you can use the search bar to search for it. If you can only remember the letter by which the drug name starts with, you will need to use the search by letter to locate all the meds starting with that same letter and then see if you can find your medication. Payments cannot be compromised by hackers since they are all handled on a secure 256-bit encrypted server.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

There is a coupon code that allows everyone to save 10% on all their meds. The coupon code is indicated below:

Securetabs Promo Code

You won’t even need to use the above promo code when you purchase medications worth more than 200 dollars. For all purchases worth more than 200 dollars, an automatic 10% discount is applied and the shipping charges are waived. By increasing the number of pills you buy, you manage to reduce the price you pay for a pill. This gives buyers huge savings overall.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

If you have a query and you would like to be handled pretty quickly, you have the ability to call the customer care department working for the Securetabs pharmacy network. The numbers to use are +1 718 487 9792 and +4420 3239 7092. If you prefer sending an email, you have the chance to do so too. Visit the Contact Page which is available on all the Securetabs sites and fill in your details to send the email.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

We have spent a significant amount of time looking for evidence that Securetabs network drugstores spam people by taking advantage of the contact details they leave behind at checkout. We could not locate any evidence they do so. This led us to conclude that the Securetabs does not participate in any form of spam.


You would want to buy from a pharmacy network that saves you a ton of cash, delivers your drugs on time, does not end up spamming you and trying to force you to buy again from it. Securetabs offers all these qualities. This is why we rate it 5 stars. If you have checked the customer reviews we have included in this article, you should already know that you will be offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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